Dan Donaldson


Noble Systems


Call Center / Contact Solutions


7041 Grand National Drive. Suite 128-H, Orlando, FL 32819


ddonaldson@nolbesystems.com.com . (407)248-3400 .noblesystems.com


Dan Donaldson is the Senior Vice President of Noble Solutions, providing customer contact solutions for businesses in and around Orlando, Florida.


Deploying the latest proven, cloud, premise and/or hybrid technologies, Dan enables clients to optimize the bottom line productivity of their call/contact centers while at the same time enhancing customer experience with better customer service as well as improving adherence to best practices and compliance. These capabilities include speech analytics to consistently improve best practices and compliance, as well as generating the right contacts via voice, SMS, email, chat, social media along with the immediate call back of new web inquiries.


Noble Systems comprehensive contact modules include thoroughbred Automated Outbound Dialing (AOD), blended Inbound with screen-pops and skill-based routing (SBR), Call Recording with Quality Assurance (QA), Work Force Management (WFM) and easy-to-use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with Text-To-Speech (TTS) as well as both data analytics (making most important contacts next) and speech analytics software (automatically ‘listens’ to and grades every call against best practices). Along with a unifying desktop providing dynamic scripting etc., Noble Systems solutions optimally blend outbound and inbound calls: automatically inserting outbound calls as inbound call traffic decreases and vice versa.


And all our solutions are available for both premise servers as well as via the cloud (for almost immediate payback) and every module may also operate standalone hereby simplifying integration into existing environments.