Woody Johnson


Tri-Star Development Partners


Real Estate Developer


522 S. Hunt Club Blvd., Suite 228            Apopka, FL 32703


wjohnson@tristardp.com . 407-703-3688 . tristardp.com


Woody Johnson is an experienced residential investment contractor. He invests in distressed real estate assets, renovates these assets and re-markets them. He invests and manages investments for other investors.


Specialties:Woody is efficient at renovating and upgrading distressed properties to make them marketable.


Tri-Star Development Partners is a real estate development company that invests in commercial, residential and mixed-use projects. The company finds properties that have a unique potential for developing, does a market study, works to secure entitlements, designs and constructs the project with its in-house, licensed construction company. Projects may consist of single-family homes, multi-unit residential, luxury condominiums, commercial buildings and even low-income housing. In addition to investing in these projects, Tri-Star will also provide these same services to other developers. The company is exceptionally good at taking distressed properties and making them profitable.